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Music, D.A.W: Know the lingo…

Music, D.A.W: Know the lingo…

Raw, slightly comical and descriptive examples of some Musical D.A.W (Digital Audio Workstation) terms and what they mean, if you’re new to the game, or just fancy having a refresher, this may be helpful to you and I hope you guys will enjoy it.

  • Saturation – Make sound fat
  • Distortion – Saturation but x10
  • Reverb – Cool room effect
  • Delay – Echo FM (Frequency modulation) – wub wub
  • Transient – Clicky/punchy part of the drum right at the start
  • Compress – Squash or expand frequencies in a sound to make it overall louder or quieter
  • EQ – Equalization, adjusting frequencies on a sound
  • Dynamics – Generally the difference in volume between sounds. Heavily compressed = less dynamics
  • Limiter – Stops sound from digitally/analogue clipping
  • Mixing – Mixing and adjusting sounds to create an equal and clean project
  • Mastering – Achieving loudness and making it sound sick
  • Lead – A synth with less bass frequencies (0-150hZ) think electric guitar so 500Hz upwards?
  • Bass – Dominantly 0-150hZ
  • Sub – Below 90Hz big boomy chest noise that makes people go “wow yes nice bass”
  • Percussion/Hats – Cool high freq sounds 5kHz+ hi-hats and one shot etc or foley
  • Wet – Processed with FX (Reverb, Delay, compressed) and ready for action
  • Dry – Not processed and not in the mood (no FX)

Information courtesy of: Sam Johnson – Jayvice Beats